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16 Bookstores In Finland 🇫🇮

These are 16 of the best bookstores in Finland. The best bookstore is Academic Bookstore. Here is the list of Finland bookstores.

Last update: January 11, 2024

1. Academic Bookstore

"At the Academic Bookstore in the city centre you can discover a comprehensive supply of books, stationery and art supplies in an unhurried atmosphere. There is a quiet corner with comfortable armchairs in the second floor. It was nice to lean back and relax here for a moment while my toddler was napping."

  • ⭐️ 4.3 Rating
  • 📰 3,824 Reviews
  • 📍 Keskuskatu 1, Pohjoisesplanadi 39, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

2. Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

"Small but complete library. The staff is really friendly, especially a lady who really cares about your search. Every time I come here I find a treasure thanks to her!"

  • ⭐️ 4.2 Rating
  • 📰 1,224 Reviews
  • 📍 Urho Kekkosen katu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

3. Fantasiapelit Helsinki Citycenter

"Amazing place that has a big variety of stuff for all nerds. While visiting Helsinki I always make time to stop by and it never disappoints. Great store to treat yourself or buy gifts for friends - manga, d&d stuff, board games, miniatures, pokémon merch, art books, figurines just about anything your heart desires!"

  • ⭐️ 4.6 Rating
  • 📰 1,108 Reviews
  • 📍 Kauppakeskus Citycenter, Kaivokatu 8 K1-kerros, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

4. Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Helsinki Aleksi 15

"Helpful workers who spoke fluent English.They had quit a big section of English books.Including a TikTok section.The workers said they might enhance the amount of YA books in English."

  • ⭐️ 4.2 Rating
  • 📰 916 Reviews
  • 📍 Aleksanterinkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

5. Academic Bookstore Turku

"Best book store I’ve ever visited! There are many books that are out of stock all around finland!"

  • ⭐️ 4.2 Rating
  • 📰 293 Reviews
  • 📍 Yliopistonkatu 27, 20100 Turku, Finland

6. Arkadia International Bookshop

"Great bookstore with beautiful architecture. It really feels like entering another dimension. Books are very affordable, highly recommend a visit!"

  • ⭐️ 4.7 Rating
  • 📰 251 Reviews
  • 📍 Nervanderinkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

7. C. Hagelstam Antikvariaatti

"This is one of those dusty, old bookstores reminiscent of the neverending story, or maybe Harry Potter.So if you're a bit of a nerd, and into old, botanical and zoological illustrations.. this is your kind of place.Me and my friend Anh-Le came across it on a vintage fashion spree, and I spotted the 🦉 stuffed owls through their window.The lady inside explained to me that it was a local type of screech owl and that they get this big in Finland."

  • ⭐️ 4.6 Rating
  • 📰 136 Reviews
  • 📍 Fredrikinkatu 35, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

8. Antikvariaatti Sofia Oy

"I bought "The Plays" by Christopher Marlowe here. I never was the same again. Today I found "The Snow Leopard" by Peter Matthiessen. It is always a pleasure — and an adventure — to visit. You can eavesdrop to good conversation, too."

  • ⭐️ 4.5 Rating
  • 📰 104 Reviews
  • 📍 Vuorikatu 5, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

9. Laterna Magica

"It has to be one of the best vintage book shops I have ever been to. They have a large collection of finnish and foreign books (english, french, german). Some books are in amazing condition even though their age is over 100 years old! Prices are very fair as well👌. Will definitely come back."

  • ⭐️ 4.7 Rating
  • 📰 98 Reviews
  • 📍 Rauhankatu 7, 00170 Helsinki, Finland

10. Nide Kirjakauppa Oy

"Has to be one of the BEST bookshops in all of Scandinavia.Seriously, the owners are passionate, the choice of books and gifts here are exceptional. Looking for gifts this delicious bookshop is the go! Books are in English as well as Finnish and other Nordic languages. Need help with finding a particular book or gift? The owners will be happy to source items for you. Being a small business, the staff are really there to help"

  • ⭐️ 4.6 Rating
  • 📰 96 Reviews
  • 📍 Fredrikinkatu 35, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

11. Punainen Planeetta Antiquarian Bookstore

"Very friendly service, fair prices and a great selection of poetry books."

  • ⭐️ 4.5 Rating
  • 📰 78 Reviews
  • 📍 Harjutori 12, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

12. Sarjakuvien Erikoisliike Kulku-katin Poika

"Best comix shop in Finland. Original and special. Not too big. Nice. Happy feeling."

  • ⭐️ 4.8 Rating
  • 📰 76 Reviews
  • 📍 Läntinen Brahenkatu 12, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

13. Oranssi Planeetta

"This is the best antikvariaatti I’ve visited in Helsinki. Prices are great as well as the selection of books. A lot of english books too"

  • ⭐️ 4.5 Rating
  • 📰 76 Reviews
  • 📍 00550, Hämeentie 95, Helsinki, Finland

14. Finlandia Book

"Finlandia Kirja is an excellent online antiquarian bookshop from which I have ordered books several times. The delivery to Germany always works excellently, and once I also picked up books on site, which also worked perfectly. The prices are fair, the descriptions of the condition of the books are very accurate, and if something is wrong with a book after all (it happened only once), the customer service reacts in the best possible way."

  • ⭐️ 4.5 Rating
  • 📰 61 Reviews
  • 📍 Suksitie 10, 16300 Orimattila, Finland

15. Mustan Kanin Kolo

"The stickers selection is great, and so was the book collection. I loved the radical vibes."

  • ⭐️ 4.6 Rating
  • 📰 53 Reviews
  • 📍 Fleminginkatu 12b, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

16. Rosebud Citycenter

"Found the book I was looking for. Better price than larger chain was selling."

  • ⭐️ 4.4 Rating
  • 📰 34 Reviews
  • 📍 Kaivokatu 8, 00101 Helsinki, Finland