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Books About Angels (10 Books)

Here is a list of 10 books about Angels. The list includes Angels: God's Secret Agents by Billy Graham, and Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson.

Last update: January 11, 2024

1. Angels: God's Secret Agents (1975)

"The Bible teaches that angels intervene in the affairs of nations. God often uses them to execute judgment on nations. They guide, comfort, and provide for the people of God in the midst of suffering and persecution."

In "Angels: God's Secret Agents," renowned evangelist Billy Graham delves into the mystical realm of angels, exploring their divine purpose, interventions, and profound impact on our lives. A captivating and uplifting perspective on celestial beings that will spark curiosity and inspire faith.

  • πŸ“‡ 192 Pages
  • πŸ“ 48,000 - 57,600 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 6 Hours Reading Time

2. Where Angels Walk (1992)

"My investigations revealed that, whatever their beginnings, angels have three basic purposes: to worship god, to serve as heralds between god and his people on the earth, and to act as our caretakers while never interfering with our free will."

In "Where Angels Walk," Joan Wester Anderson explores real-life accounts of extraordinary encounters with angels, showcasing the transformative power of these celestial beings and their profound impact on ordinary people's lives. A captivating collection of inspiring and heartwarming stories that will leave readers touched and believing in the miraculous.

  • πŸ“‡ 256 Pages
  • πŸ“ 64,000 - 76,800 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 9 Hours Reading Time

3. Angels In America (1993)

"We won't die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. Bye now. You are fabulous creatures, each and every one. And I bless you: More Life. The Great Work Begins."

Angels In America, Tony Kushner's groundbreaking masterpiece, is an epic play exploring the soaring heights and harrowing depths of love, abandonment, and the AIDS crisis in 1980s America. A mesmerizing tale that shatters conventions and resonates with timeless relevance.

  • πŸ“‡ 304 Pages
  • πŸ“ 76,000 - 91,200 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 10 Hours Reading Time

4. Angels In My Hair (2008)

"Your guardian angel never, ever stops communicating with you. I feel that at times they should be frustrated with us but they seem to have endless patience and they never ever give up on us."

In "Angels in My Hair," Lorna Byrne shares her extraordinary account of a lifetime filled with celestial encounters, offering a unique perspective on spirituality, hope, and the power of heavenly beings to guide us through life's challenges.

  • πŸ“‡ 336 Pages
  • πŸ“ 84,000 - 100,800 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 11 Hours Reading Time

5. Angelology (2010)

"Beautiful music plays, but not everyone with ears can hear it."

In Danielle Trussoni's thrilling novel Angelology, academic Evangeline discovers the existence of an ancient group of angelic beings. As she delves deeper into the dangerous world, she uncovers dark secrets and must fight to save humanity from a powerful force.

  • πŸ“‡ 488 Pages
  • πŸ“ 122,000 - 146,400 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 16 Hours Reading Time

6. The Better Angels Of Our Nature (2010)

"Morality, then, is not a set of arbitrary regulations dictated by a vengeful deity and written down in a book; nor is it the custom of a particular culture or tribe. It is a consequence of the interchangeability of perspectives and the opportunity the world provides for positive-sum games."

In "The Better Angels Of Our Nature," Steven Pinker explores the decline of violence throughout history, detailing the remarkable progress humanity has made in fostering peace, understanding, and empathy. A profound and enlightening examination of our collective potential for a more compassionate world.

  • πŸ“‡ 832 Pages
  • πŸ“ 208,000 - 249,600 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 28 Hours Reading Time

7. The Angel Therapy Handbook (2011)

"I am willing to release that part of me that irritates me when I think of you."

Doreen Virtue's compelling guide, "The Angel Therapy Handbook," unveils the secret world of angels and their divine power to heal and uplift. It offers practical techniques and profound insights for connecting with these celestial beings to transform your life and find true inner peace.

  • πŸ“‡ 272 Pages
  • πŸ“ 68,000 - 81,600 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 9 Hours Reading Time

8. To Heaven And Back (2011)

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase."

In "To Heaven And Back," Mary C. Neal recounts her extraordinary near-death experience, sharing an astonishing tale of encountering the paradise beyond life, and her profound spiritual journey that follows when she returns to the earthly realm.

  • πŸ“‡ 240 Pages
  • πŸ“ 60,000 - 72,000 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 8 Hours Reading Time

9. Proof Of Angels (2016)

"But you know, there's a difference between thinking something and feeling something. I don't know whether I ever thought an answer like that was true before. I might have. But I never felt it. And I guess what that means is that if you haven't felt something, you don't know it."

In "Proof of Angels", Ptolemy Tompkins explores remarkable accounts of angelic encounters, examining the profound impact they have on individuals' lives. A thought-provoking exploration into the presence of celestial beings that offers a fresh perspective on spiritual experiences.

  • πŸ“‡ 209 Pages
  • πŸ“ 52,250 - 62,700 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 7 Hours Reading Time

10. 7 Lessons From Heaven (2017)

"What I’ll never forget was that, during the whole conversation, Jesus was endlessly patient, gentle, and mesmerizing. He seemed light of spirit, with a sense of humor."

In "7 Lessons From Heaven," Mary C. Neal shares her extraordinary near-death experience and the profound insights she gained from the spiritual realm. This captivating memoir offers readers valuable wisdom to embrace and cherish the deeper meaning of life.

  • πŸ“‡ 288 Pages
  • πŸ“ 72,000 - 86,400 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 10 Hours Reading Time