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The Empress Of Rome Books In Order (Full List)

The Empress Of Rome is a series of 4 books by Kate Quinn. The first book published in the series is Mistress Of Rome in 2010. Here is a complete list of The Empress Of Rome books in order.

Last update: January 11, 2024

1. Mistress Of Rome (2010)

"What kind of moron wants to be a gladiator?"

"Mistress of Rome" by Kate Quinn takes readers on a gripping journey through the scandalous and treacherous world of ancient Rome. Unveiling a captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and power, this historical fiction will leave you entranced.

  • 📇 469 Pages
  • 📝 117,250 - 140,700 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 16 Hours Reading Time

2. Daughters Of Rome (2011)

"Making history was so much better than writing it."

Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn delves into the clandestine lives of four powerful Roman women, bound by blood and ambition in a vivid tale of love, betrayal, and treacherous politics during the final days of the Roman Republic.

  • 📇 400 Pages
  • 📝 100,000 - 120,000 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 13 Hours Reading Time

3. Empress Of The Seven Hills (2012)

"I gripped her, drowning, and I loved her more than anything on this wide green earth."

"Empress of the Seven Hills" by Kate Quinn is an enthralling historical fiction novel that takes readers on a captivating journey through ancient Rome. Follow the gripping tale of Vix, beloved gladiator turned hero, as he traverses the intricate web of power, love, and deceit in the pursuit of freedom.

  • 📇 512 Pages
  • 📝 128,000 - 153,600 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 17 Hours Reading Time

4. Lady Of The Eternal City (2015)

"But if men are the makers and breakers of empires, then women are the makers and breakers of men."

In "Lady Of The Eternal City" by Kate Quinn, the historical epic of ancient Rome continues as the indomitable Empress, Sabina, must navigate treacherous political waters to protect those she loves and secure her place in the eternal city.

  • 📇 528 Pages
  • 📝 132,000 - 158,400 Word Count
  • ⏱️ 18 Hours Reading Time