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Harry Potter Wand Quiz

The Harry Potter Wand Quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge of wands in the Harry Potter universe. Answer the questions to test your fan level.

Last update: January 11, 2024

Q1. What Core Is In Harry Potter's Wand?

Q2. Who Gives Harry His First Wand?

Q3. What Wood Is Hermione's Wand Made Of?

Q4. How Long Is Ron Weasley's First Wand?

Q5. Which Wand Core Is Considered The Most Powerful?

Q6. What Is The Special Feature Of The Elder Wand?

Q7. Who Is The Maker Of The Majority Of Wands In The Series?

Q8. What Core Is In Voldemort's Wand?

Q9. What Wood Is Draco Malfoy's Wand Made Of?

Q10. How Long Is The Elder Wand?

What Is The Harry Potter Wand Quiz?

The Harry Potter Wand Quiz is a fun way to check how well you know your wands from the Harry Potter universe. It's a set of ten multiple-choice questions about the magical wands used by various characters in the series. Test your fan level and see if you can score perfectly by identifying the correct wand details.

What Are The Harry Potter Books In Order?

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