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Warrior Cats Quiz

The Warrior Cats Quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge of the Warrior Cats series. Answer the questions to test your fan level.

Last update: January 11, 2024

Q1. What Is The First Clan Fireheart Joins?

Q2. What Is The Name Of The Main Character In The First Series?

Q3. What Clan Does Fireheart Belong To?

Q4. What Is The Name Of The First Book?

Q5. What Is The Sacred Gathering Place Called?

Q6. Who Is Fireheart's Best Friend?

Q7. What Is The Name Of The Medicine Cat In "Into The Wild"?

Q8. Which Clan Lives Closest To The River?

Q9. Who Is The Leader Of ThunderClan In "Into The Wild"?

Q10. What Is The Ultimate Goal Of A Warrior Cat?

What Is The Warrior Cats Quiz?

The Warrior Cats Quiz is a fun way to check how well you know the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. It's ten multiple-choice questions about the series. Test your fan level and see if you can get all the questions correct.

What Are The Warrior Cats Books In Order?

Warrior Cats is a series of 6 books. The first book published in the series is Into The Wild in 2003. Here is a complete list of Warrior Cats books in order.